Articulate 360 Storyline Course Literacy Council Buncombe County, NC
The Problem

The problem was two-fold. One, how to demonstrate to future tutors to leverage the available technology to provide tutoring services. Two, how to take a two-page narrative and create a more powerful learning tool that goes into greater detail. The results: I designed an interactive course that allowed participants who were in a tutor training course to learn how to use smartphone technology to facilitate remote learning and tutoring.

Literacy Council of Buncombe County – Adult Literacy Tutor Training Summer 2020
Tutor Training Video

This training video was developed for the Literacy Council of Buncombe County, Asheville NC as part of the Adult Literacy Tutor Training. It demonstrates how to facilitate tutoring using Zoom video conferencing technology.

Literacy Council of Buncombe County – Adult Literacy Tutor Training Summer 2020
Adult Literacy Narrative

This video was created to introduce adult literacy tutors to many of the obstacles tutors face when working with low level literacy adults. We wanted to shorten the amount of seat time tutor trainers had to sit in a Zoom session and so we created this video to be used outside of class time to maximize the face-to-face Zoom session time.

Learning Management System – Moodle Course Design

I have over 15 years of experience working with Moodle and designing online courses. I designed an Introduction to Ethical Reasoning that integrated video, texts, discussion forums, and interactive assignments. One of the challenges of this course was the amount of text students were assigned on a weekly basis. To make the readings more accessible and user-friendly, I created books to make the design and interface of the weekly module visually cleaner. This allowed the instructor to create reading guides to support reading comprehension. I developed self-paced lessons using the instructor’s lecture materials that provided the students with greater ease with the content material. Lastly, I developed instructor videos that connected the weekly materials, assignments, and discussion boards.

Video Lecture: “A Practical Companion to Ethics” by Anthony Weston
ScreenCast-O-Matic Instructor Lectures

ScreenCast-O-Matic is an excellent tool instructors can use to help students understand and comprehend the course content at a deeper level. Read more …

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