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Launch Presentation


I created this project for the Youth Literacy Program at Literacy Together, a nonprofit literacy council located in Asheville, NC.

The Problem

Many of the new volunteers have difficulty understanding the various components of the Youth Literacy Lesson PLan Framework. This framework is based on the Wilson Reading System, used primarily by the program to teach reading to young people.

The Solution

Develop a training module with the program director that explains each of the steps in the framework.

The Instructional Design Process

I met with the Youth Literacy Director, who served as the SME for the project. I developed the script by using documentation from the Wilson Reading Program and the SME. The Director recorded the script. I used Audacity to edit each of the sound clips. I used the outline to develop the course structure and designed the look and feel of the course.

Final Reflection

This is a perfect example of a course designed for a not-for-profit organization with limited resources and a short project timetable. While it would have been pleasing to have a professional voiceover actor record the audio, it was perfectly acceptable for the program director to provide the narration. It was pleasant to have her voice in this project.

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