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The Problem

I was inspired by Bela Gaytan and the eLearning Community Challenge to design a course using the new 360-degree photo interaction now in beta version in Storyline 360. Bela designed a Spanish & Esperanto Vocabulary lesson using this new interactive tool. Since I am interested in developing eLearning courses that explore the arts and architecture, this is a perfect tool to learn. I also wanted to include background music to enhance the learning experience.

The Solution

After searching the Adobe Stock collection for various 360-degree photos, I came across this picture of the Carmelite Church in Lviv, Ukraine. This was an excellent choice for me to showcase this new feature and my design skills.

Instructional Design

The design for this project centered around the viewer taking on the role of a tourist who was participating in a guided walking tour of the churches in Lviv. I wanted to start the scene with the viewer hearing the tour guide start the tour at a focal point that gave a birdseye view of the city and then move closer to the church entrance. Once the viewer had listened to the details about the church, I wanted the viewer to experience entering the church and exploring its grandeur. I also wanted the background music to change to help the viewer gain a better sense of the reverence of the space. I also recorded the narrative for each of the terms to aid the viewer’s learning experience.

Final Reflection

I found this new feature to be easy to use and highly productive. I want to create more examples of this learning experience, especially since I am interested in building eLearning experiences in the arts. One frustration was the background music. I wanted to accomplish two things regarding sound design. I wanted two different pieces of music to give the viewer the feeling of being outdoors in the city and then moving into the sacred space of the church. I achieved this; however, I wanted the first section to be a continuous stream of music that didn’t break at the slide transitions. After watching several videos and viewing several websites on creating continuous background music in Storyline, I determined that this is not possible with the current version of the software. So, I fixed this by selecting a piece of folk music of the region with a “looping” quality, allowing for a more seamless transition between slides.

I also added close captions for the narrative that did not have text on the screen. I am continuing to develop my accessibility skills as an eLearning designer.

Video and Images

interior of Carmelite Church Lviv Ukraine

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