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The Guidebook is part of the curriculum that was developed for this project. A steering committee of subject matter experts was formed to write the policy and develop the curriculum.

The Problem

At this institution, the director of ethics across the campus, including a group of concerned faculty, wanted to develop a curriculum that addressed academic integrity as part of a larger campus-wide initiative on ethics. At the time, the school did not have a coherent policy nor a curriculum that addressed the growing issue of plagiarism, purchasing papers from paper mills, or forging official documents. Additionally, the group was concerned that the current ways of addressing these issues were inconsistent and focused too heavily on policing the problems rather than educating the campus about the ethical issues.

The Solution

To develop a curriculum focused on teaching academic integrity with less attention on punishing students. While the curriculum outlines consequences for plagiarism, it does so in a more thoughtful and learning-centered approach. The group approached the project as an educational experience rather than solely as a policy agenda.

Instructional Design

As the instructional designer and lead learning architect, I worked with faculty and the center’s director for ethics to develop the curriculum. This was a multi-step process that went through many revisions and approvals from all stakeholders. Several steering committees were formed to inform and evaluate the curriculum development.

Final Reflection

At first glance, this project may look like a policy rather than a curriculum. It is both. This document served as a framework that informed the development of learning modules, lesson plans, and course assignments. I wish I had access to these materials to show you how this intense work led to an incredible amount of teaching and learning.

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