J. McKinley Brown

Write because you have so much to say, create because you must, and be in service to others because the world needs you.

I create meaningful, thoughtful, and beautiful virtual learning experiences that add value to people’s lives.

Whether it’s outlining instructional designs, making dynamic presentations, or learning to use new technologies, creating curriculum and instructional methods is an art form and a foundation upon which I’ve built my life.

My creative aspirations began as a child growing up in the rural south of the Piedmont region of North Carolina, where I was allowed to let my imagination run wild, my talents grow, and my thirst for knowledge satisfied. I believe that all things new and old have a story to tell.

My lifelong passion for making curriculum and instructional designs began in my fifth-grade class. I assembled my friends, and together we wrote, directed, and produced a play about the American Revolution for the Bicentennial. After convincing my teacher of its stellar quality, we performed it before the entire school. It was my educational theatre debut.

Teaching and learning and the arts have always been a vital part of my journey. I pursued studies in theatre arts and education at both UNC-Charlotte and UNC-Greensboro, where I earned a Bachelor of Creative Arts and a Master of Theatre Education, respectively. After ten years of teaching theatre, I pursued my Doctorate of Education in Curriculum and Instruction at The University of South Carolina. After ten years of college teaching, I pursued a Master of Education in Reading at Sam Houston State University. I am a life-long learner. My educational endeavors weave together the arts, education, and literacy and serve me nicely as an instructional designer.

J. McKinley Brown Consulting is the culmination of my life’s work, approaching traditional curriculum design through the lens of sound learning theory and research-based methodologies. Additionally, my approach integrates learning experiences through the lens of creativity, theatre, literacy, and design. I am a maker who weaves together story and aesthetics into lovely, thoughtful designs.

I’ve always sought to move into new frontiers. I am not one to be satisfied with a static work environment. I recently decided to leave the world of teaching in higher education to venture into the broader world of instructional design. My ideal workweek is working with a corporate training client one day and a nonprofit educational organization the next day.  I am passionate about building learning experiences that inspire others to reach their full potential in a new and more satisfying way. Most of all, I hope that my work changes people for the good of others. Jim


Years of Experience

My years of experience include developing training and eLearning for people of all ages.