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This project grew out of a love I have for baking. I was inspired by local James Beard Award-winning chef Katie Button, owner and chef of Asheville’s Curate and Katie’s Bagels. Katie’s bagels are a cross between New York style and Montreal sweetness with a nod to the Appalachian region. Katie uses sorghum instead of barley malt.

But when the pandemic hit and everything went into lockdown, many people, like myself, turned to bake bread as a way to soothe the soul and nourish the spirit. I baked bagels for my friends and me. I would deliver my baked goods to people to visit, socially distanced, of course. My friends loved them so much that they wanted to learn how to make bagels “the Jim way!” I’m a southern boy who’s been to NYC once and about as far removed from a Jewish baker as one can be. Even so, I put this course together to help my friends learn how to make “authentic” New York bagels.

I recorded the video in my kitchen. I took pictures of the mixing, kneading, boiling, and baking process. I used Articulate Rise to build out the course and used Camtasia to edit the video clips. I also researched the history of the bagel. Most of the photos are mine and I used Photoshop to edit the pictures. I also used stock photos from Articulate 360.


This project took several months to develop and produce, and many dozens of bagels. I learned a great deal about the time and effort it takes to develop an eLearning project end-to-end. I learned how to use Articulate Rise and now I am more comfortable with this authoring tool. I like using Camtasia and have more to learn from this tool. I look forward to using it more with future projects.

I am pleased with the outcome of this project. It helped me build my confidence with graphic design, video editing, and eLearning design. Going forward, I want to continue to hone my skills as a graphic designer and to use these skills to enhance the quality of my work.

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