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Launch Presentation

The original slide deck was provided to me by the SME. It was clear that she didn’t want too many changes to several of the slides, but was extremely open to using the images throughout the course to deliver the content. Minor editing was done to the graphics, so as to keep the original look and feel of the course intact.


The script was developed by the SME. The editing was completed by the editorial team in marketing. It was agreed that the script would be used as exposition and not narration. This course did not utilize any voice-over audio.


The Problem

It’s easy for businesses to talk about putting the customer first, and it’s even more comforting to think that everyone in the organization puts the customer first in their day-to-day work. The attitude has always been that happier customers lead to better business outcomes and, in turn, happier employees. It sounds like the right thing to do, but being the customer first or C1 isn’t that easy to achieve.

C1 thinking is tied closely to the customer, their experiences, emotions, and purposes. This organization needed to move to a model that champions what the customer does with their products, the experiences they have along the customer journey, and how they feel that drive the employees of a C1 organization. This recertification training was developed to reaffirm the company’s desire to enact a C1 model. A reminder of this model was needed.

The Solution

This initial training was developed to inform employees about the C1 model. The main focus was to educate people about C1 and the customer journey. This training built off of the original training and served as a reminder to the company’s commitment to C1 as a model for customer interaction.

The Learning Experience Design

This revised course was much easier to develop, since it was authored using Articulate Rise. The SME provided me with the slide deck and a script. I took those materials and translated and reformatted the content into an interactive course. The nice thing about Rise is it acts more like a webpage/ e-book with interactivity. Using Rise was appropriate for this course. A quiz was developed in the LMS.

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