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Hi, I’m Jim McKinley Brown

I design eLearning that puts people first.


Learning Experience Designer


Proven artist and designer in multiple medias


Skilled writer, analyst, and researcher

Life is too short to sit through ordinary and boring eLearning.

We’ve all been there. We’ve sat through training videos and click-through slides that have little to do with our day-to-day tasks. You might have one person willing to apply what they’ve learned. But most either might try and fail or won’t try at all and tell everyone why this training won’t work.

Middle age man sitting in front of laptop. He is bored.

eLearning that wastes your team’s time

Bad eLearning that’s unattractive, meaningless, and fails to meet the needs of your organization wastes time resulting in poor productivity.

eLearning that wastes your team’s energy

Ill-constructed eLearning that fails to meet your team’s real on-the-job needs reduces motivation.

eLearning that wastes your team’s motivation

Bad eLearning and professional development drain people of their motivation leaving them feeling undervalued and unappreciated.

I don't just care about instructional design,
I care about your success.

Here's what people are saying about my work!

“I’ve had the great pleasure of collaborating with and mentoring Jim, as he’s worked to grow his eLearning and instructional design career. Jim is a fantastic instructional designer, who understands how to turn knowledge into performance.”

Tim SladeCreator of the eLearning Designer's Academy

“I highly recommend Jim Brown as a consultant for your organization’s project! Jim will encourage you to “dream big,” help you to determine the best options, and then map out a plan for strategically moving forward.”

Jennifer RhinehartProfessor, Mars Hill University

“Jim Brown has an amazing talent for converting a curriculum designed for in-person training to an online format that is comprehensive, interactive, and engaging. His extensive background in distance learning, plus his expertise in literacy and reading made him the perfect person to respond to our call for help when the pandemic hit last March.”

Cindy ThrelkeldExecutive Director, Literacy Together

My 3 Step Plan

The process is simple, making it easy for us to work together to solve your organization’s eLearning needs.


Schedule a Consultation

Schedule a free one-hour consultation with me so we can discuss your project.


Create a Custom Plan

I will work with you to create a custom eLearning plan.


Execute For Success

I can work with your team to measure program effectiveness.

Ready to create extraordinary eLearning?