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User Experience Research

Integrating instructional design and user experience design is grounded in research. It is vital to the course design process that I guide my practice in a clear understanding of who my users or learners are, their journey to this point in their learning and skills development, and how my users interact with the course materials I design. Their feedback is priceless to my design and course development process.

UX Research

Understanding the learner’s wants, needs, and outcomes to better prepare for the learning process.

What I do

User personas: As a Learning Experience Designer, I use UX research to create user personas that represent the learners who will be taking the course. These personas help me understand the learners’ goals, motivations, and preferences, which can inform the design of the coursework.

User journeys: I also use UX research to map out the user journey, which represents the steps learners take as they navigate through the course. This helps me identify potential pain points or areas where learners may get stuck, which can inform the design of the coursework.

The process I use

Usability testing: I conduct usability testing with learners to gather feedback on the coursework. This feedback helps me identify areas where the coursework could be improved, such as confusing instructions or difficult-to-use interfaces.

User feedback: Furthermore, I solicit feedback from learners throughout the course to gather insights into their experience. This feedback can help me identify areas where the coursework is effective, as well as areas where it could be improved.

The feedback loop

Iterative design: Based on the UX research I gather, You’ll find that I will continually refine and improve the course design. Using iterative design helps me make changes based on UX research to create a better user experience.