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I provide a full 360-degree service, offering you the full range of services rom planning the project to launching the course. Here’s an outline of full eLearning Solutions service I offer. Pleae note, that if you looking for someone to provide a portion of these services, I am the person for your eLearning needs. Here’s what I offer:



I’ll help you determine if eLearning or training is the solution you’re looking for in the planning phase. I can conduct a needs analysis and recommend a solution. Together, we’ll have a kickoff meeting to get all stakeholders and SMEs together to support this project. I’ll create a project plan and develop a timeline that all stakeholders will approve.



I’ll work with your SMEs to gather all the necessary content and develop the learning outcomes. We’ll align the key assessments and develop a learning plan. I’ll then create a course document for all stakeholders to approve. Lastly, I’ll develop the first draft of the storyboard and lead everyone through the review process.



We’ll select the right eLearning authoring tool that works best for your project. I’ll develop a prototype, complete with course interactivity. We’ll review the alpha and beta courses, taking actionable feedback throughout the review process.



We’ll review the course one last time before launching it to your LMS. I can assist you with conducting and measuring the course and its effectiveness.

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