Using Smartphones to Tutor Adults

Tim and Bob Narrative

This project was designed for the Adult Literacy Tutor training for Literacy Together (formerly the Literacy of Buncombe County.) The tutor training is typically taught in a classroom setting. Due to the pandemic lockdown, Literacy Together moved their new tutor training to a virtual setting.

Responsibilities – Instructional Designer and eLearning Developer

Target Audience – Volunteers who elect to complete 30 hours of initial training to become Adult Literacy Tutors

Tools – Articulate Storyline 360

Client – Literacy Together

Year – 2020

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This project took a two-page single-spaced narrative, written by the Adult Literacy Program Director, and developed it into an engaging and motivating learning experience. The program director developed the original narrative, who interviewed a current tutor about his experience moving from face-to-face tutoring sessions to virtual tutor sessions using smartphones. This narrative’s rationale was to show new volunteers that it was possible to continue tutoring their adult students during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Instructional Design

Originally, the Youth Literacy Program Director planned to email the two-page, single-spaced document to the volunteers. For many, this was the first time the Director and most of the volunteers had participated in a virtual learning experience. After consulting with the Director, I used the constructed narrative to develop this eLearning course using Articulate Storyline 360. Because of my experience as a reading specialist, I worked with the Director to add additional content to the module.


This project was successful and was more engaging for the volunteers. It also provided additional embedded content that deepened the learning experience. I purposefully designed this course using minimalist user interface, knowing that my audience members were retirees using tablets and smartphones to engage with the course content. As a designer it is important to design learning experiences for people of all skill levels. I will continue to learning ways to enhance my UI and UX design skills.

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