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Content Development

I use my knowledge of learning theory, pedagogy, and technology to design compelling learning experiences that help learners achieve specific learning objectives. I work with subject matter experts, stakeholders, and other professionals to identify the key concepts and skills that must be taught and the most appropriate methods for delivering the content.

While content developers are responsible for creating the actual learning materials to be used in the instructional design, I work closely with SMEs to assist them with writing text and scripts, creating multimedia resources, designing interactive activities, or developing assessments that measure learning outcomes.

Content Development

Collaborating with content developers to provide rigorous, meaningful instruction that meets the learners where they are.

What I do

Needs assessment: As an LXD, I work with the content developer to conduct a needs assessment to determine what knowledge and skills adult learners need to acquire. This might involve reviewing existing materials, interviewing subject matter experts, and conducting surveys or focus groups with the target audience.

Instructional design: As the lead LXD, I might use the results of the needs assessment to design an instructional strategy and create a learning experience that meets the needs of adult learners. This might involve selecting appropriate content, designing learning objectives, and developing assessments that measure learning outcomes.

The work we create

Content creation: Content developers often work with me to create engaging, interactive content that aligns with the instructional strategy. The content developer might create multimedia resources, design interactive activities, or develop assessments that measure learning outcomes.

User experience design: As an instructional designer grounded in the field of UXD, I work with content developers and researchers to ensure that the learning experience is user-friendly and accessible. This often involves designing interfaces that are easy to navigate, creating clear instructions, and ensuring that the content is presented in a way that is easy to understand.

The process we use

Iterative design: I work with content developers to iterate and refine the learning experience based on feedback from learners. This might involve conducting usability tests, gathering feedback from learners, and making adjustments to the content and design as needed.